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Approximately halfway between the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the placid Red River, which forms the border between Texas and Oklahoma, lies the town of Krum. Along its main street are the typical small-town fixtures such as the Farmers & Merchants State Bank, a hardware store, antiques and quilt shops, and hometown restaurants with such picturesque names as Mudd’s and Rick-a-Dee’s. It is an old farming community, and its people continue holding tightly to the rural way of life in spite of the urban encroachment from the south.

In Krum’s tiny public library and historical museum is a slim and brittle volume of the town’s history, which the librarian was reluctant to release from its private reference shelf. The chronicler of this publication (copyrighted in the late 1890s) made only passing mention of the Krum family, which immigrated from Bulgaria in the middle 1800s. Mr. Krum and his wife had four daughters and one son. It must be assumed that the daughters married locally and prospered, as nothing more is said about them, but the text does mention that the young Dragomir Krum returned to his homeland in the early part of the twentieth century after exhibiting “odd and irrational behavior” at certain regular periods, usually coinciding with the full moon.

The town of Krum has long been the home of outstanding student athletes. Its middle school and high school are consistently ranked high in the UIL division 2-A in Texas in many boys’ and girls’ sports. What is not widely known is that many of those outstanding boy and girl athletes by day are quidditch players by night. Wizarding children who have “mainstreamed” into the public school system or are home-schooled by their families have evidently formed a small intramural junior quidditch club called the Krum Kneazles, and practice on weekend nights in the sparsely populated farm area between the town and the Red River.

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