You will need to take care of all these things before the date of the

Apply for your new mortgage and complete all the forms that are requested
• Speak to your agent about what insurance you need and when you need it.
• Make sure your insurance covers your belongings during the move! Are they covered while they are in your car? Are they covered for theft or damage? How much coverage do you have?
• Make sure all your insurance companies know about your move; homeowner’s or renter’s and car insurance. Don’t forget about coverage for recreational vehicles or trailers!

Utilities and Services
• Call the phone company. There may be a wait to start service at your new address, so
apply for service as soon as you have all the information you’ll need.
• Cancel or transfer

      • Cable/satellite/fios
      • Internet service
      • landscape and pool services
      • trash pickup
      • newspapers

If your bank is local and you are moving out of the area, you may need to change banks. Complete the steps for this. If you are not changing banks, you will still need to order checks with your new address.

Get change of address cards from the post office, fill them out, and distribute them!

Return all library books, things borrowed from neighbors, school property, or anything else you find while packing that doesn’t belong in your new home.

If you are moving from the area, be sure and take care of any traffic tickets, fines, or other obligations.

Don’t forget about pets! You might need to have someone watch them while you move. If you can’t take
them, allow enough time to find a new home.


• Schools
• Church
• Voter registraEon
• Clubs
• Classes
• Anyone you have a standing appointment with
• Anyone who provides a continuing service for you-Some people might fine you if you forget!

If you are leaving the area, get your records from (It may be appropriate to schedule an appointment to do this)

• Doctors
• Pharmacy
• Veterinarian
• Optician
• Mechanic
• Dentist

Make sure you do a background check for sex-offenders in the area: